Jumble Love

'Jumble sale', with love.
A new section by the ACS Artwork Project.

This is a newly added section to the A.A.P site, which is still in its infancy. As a website that mainly aims to spread and raise awareness of the ACS, we hope we could bring this aim to another level through 'Jumble Love'.

Here's how it works at the moment: (We shall improve more in the near future) 

1. This section of the blog gives you the opportunity to shop while contributing to your local community! 

2. Just surf through the 'Jumble Love' blog posts for featured products from creative online blogshops! (Link will be added soon.)

3. Once you have decided to purchase a product featured here, remember to mention our site, 
'ACS Artwork Project
to respective blogshop owners. A generous amount will then be donated to the ACS. However, this only applies to blogshop owners who chose to donate as it is not compulsory :)  

1. We would help feature any key product from your online blogshop which you think would draw great interest from the readers. This little feature 'ad' comes in the form of a single blog post. To do this, you could send us a link to the product or attach images of the product. 

Our email is: ACSartworkproject@gmail.com

2. In return, we hope you could link us back (either in text or the 'Link to Us' image on our homepage), or better yet, a little talk/ review on us in the form of a blog post. The main thing is just to spread the love! Hence the name 'Jumble Love'.

3. Donation to the ACS is optional. It could come in many forms, for example, if a reader mentions this site upon purchase, an amount of cash will be donated to us. Your generosity will be very very much appreciated! 

4. Lastly, your blog's link will be added to this page. We understand that, at this moment, a link here would not generate much traffic to your blog. However it is the best we could give in return as a token of appreciation for supporting your local community!

5. We give priorities to blogshops selling crafts/ handmade items. After all, this is an 'artsy' website that strives to cultivate creativity in the online community ;) 

Do not hesitate to email for inquiries! 

The main goal of this section is not to generate cash (i.e. pay for advertising). Instead, it aims to spread the cause and also encourage creativity and generosity among the online blogging community as well as the local community.


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